ANC National Dialogue

Thank you for your interest in the future of Arlington National Cemetery – one of the most visited of the United States’ 137 national cemeteries. We value your input and welcome you to join the National Dialogue about our Nation's most hallowed ground.

We hope that you have been able to read our report to Congress, which can be found here. If you have not, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the report.

For the last several years Arlington National Cemetery has conducted over 7,000 funeral services a year. At the current pace, ANC will reach its capacity in the next 25 years.

By taking this brief survey, your input will help shape the future of our nation’s most hallowed ground.

1: *We are interested in knowing how familiar you are with Arlington National Cemetery. Please answer the following historical fact questions so we may better understand you and your perspective.

At the conclusion of the survey, would you like to know the correct answers to the historical fact questions?
2: *How many total Medal of Honor recipients have been laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery?
3: *What year did Arlington become a military cemetery?
4: *Arlington House was built as a living memorial to which historic U.S. figure?
5: *Who is eligible to receive military honors funerals at Arlington National Cemetery? (Please select all that apply)
6: *Who is currently eligible for burial at Arlington National Cemetery? (Please select all that apply)
7: *Did you know that any veteran eligible for Arlington National Cemetery may also be eligible for burial at one of the other 135 National Cemeteries operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs?
8: *Our Nation has laid to rest casualties of every U.S. war at Arlington National Cemetery.

Did you know that to be true prior to this survey?
9: *Arlington National Cemetery is an active cemetery. Last year, more than 7,000 eligible citizens were laid to rest there.

Were you aware that Arlington National Cemetery is still active as a cemetery?
10: *Were you aware that Arlington National Cemetery will run out of space for new graves in about 25 years from now under current eligibility policy and with the current demand?
11: *Did you know that Arlington National Cemetery almost closed for burials in the 1960's?

Secretary of Defense (Robert McNamara) realized Arlington would close by the late 1960's without restricting eligibility and expanding the cemetery.
12: *Would you like to see Arlington National Cemetery remain open for new burials well into the future (Say, the year 2100)?
13: *If Arlington National Cemetery will reach capacity for new burials in about 25 years under current rules, should anything be done to extend its life as an active cemetery?
13.1: *Few options for expansion exist around Arlington National Cemetery. To expand the cemetery would you be willing to support any of the following options? (Please select all that apply)
13.2: *Arlington National Cemetery recently completed an expansion. The next expansion is in the planning stages and can be expected to add 10-15 years to the life of the cemetery (taking it to the 2050's under current ANC eligibility policy). This expansion is projected to cost $274 million dollars* (rough order of magnitude). The expansion will add 40-60,000 burial plots to the cemetery at a cost of approximately $4,500-$6,800 per plot. As a taxpayer, do you believe this cost is reasonable?
*This cost figure does not include the cost of moving the military organizations who formerly had office space in the Navy Annex, demolition and remediation, or future operations and maintenance costs for said expansion.
13.2.1: *Knowing that the vast majority (nearly 100%) of Veterans are also eligible for one of the 135 other National Cemeteries, do you still feel that cost is reasonable?
13.3: *If you believe rules should change, is there a group(s) of Veterans that you feel strongly should remain eligible?
14: *One option to prolong the life of the cemetery is expansion. Since the cemetery currently borders private neighborhoods, Joint Base Myer/Henderson Hall, several highways and the Marine Corps War Memorial, any expansion effort would involve encroaching one of these bordering areas. The last expansion resulted in expanding the cemetery by 34 acres and cost the taxpayer a quarter of a billion dollars. This recent expansion added 7 years of life to the cemetery ($.25B for 7 years).

Do you think Arlington National Cemetery should be expanded further at similar cost?
15: *If no further geographic expansion were possible, do you think action should be taken with respect to restricting eligibility to keep the cemetery active for new burials?
16: *Have you ever visited Arlington National Cemetery, in person?
16.1: *How frequently do you visit Arlington National Cemetery?
17: *Have you ever visited Arlington National Cemetery, online?
18: *What best describes what Arlington National Cemetery represents to you and your family?
19: *Do you plan to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery?
19.1: *What is the reason for choosing to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery?
19.2: *Do you live near Arlington?
19.3: *Do you live near another National Cemetery?
19.4: *What is the reason for not choosing to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery?
20: *What is your age?
21: *Are you a current member of the military?
21.1: *Did you serve in the Armed Forces during a U.S. conflict (receiving imminent danger or hostile fire pay)?
21.2: *What branch of military do you serve?
22: *Are you a Veteran of the U.S. military?
22.1: *Did you serve in the Armed Forces during a U.S. conflict (receiving imminent danger or hostile fire pay)?
22.2: *In what branch of military did you serve?
23: *Are you a member of a Veteran or Military service organization?
23.1: *Which service organizations are you a part of? (Please select all that apply)
24: *Do you have a family member affiliated with the military?

Thank you for taking this important survey. Your opinion matters to us. Please follow us at for more information about the future of Arlington National Cemetery.